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What is this group?

This is a online writing group dedicated to novelists who write 'hard science' SF, where the science is believable or at least does not violate currently known science, with a wink toward FTL (faster than light travel).

Our Home Page is at: http://www.sfnovelist.com/index.htm

Do I have to submit a biography?

Yes. This helps us get to know your writing background. You are required to send a short biography (RTF or text). This biography will be posted to the group's Web site, only accessible by members.

What happens if I send in a critique beyond its due date?

We go ahead and give credit, but the author has the option of asking that the credit be withdrawn. Let's face it, as a writer yourself, wouldn't you prefer to have quick response to your submission? Late critiques are often of lesser value to the author.

Will submitting my manuscript to the group be considered 'publishing' by a print editor/publisher?

There are many writing workshops on the Internet. To the knowledge of the moderator, if the group is tightly moderated and membership is limited to those who provide critiques, there should not be a problem. Editor and publishers are more concerned about someone who posts his/her manuscript on a newsgroup or Web page for the public to read.

To quote Professor Andrew Burt at aburt@cs.du.edu, moderator of Critters Workshop, an online workshop for Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror, where many short story writers congregate:

"In a word: No. Editors recognize the utility of critique groups and that many authors belong to them. Being seen by a restricted set of other authors is not publication ('publication' means available to anyone). Besides, you'll almost certainly change the story after they see it, so what you submit to an editor is different than the group saw."

I have this great idea for a time travel novel. Some people believe that time travel is against the laws of physics. Would my manuscript fit the definition?

Time travel is no problem. Go ahead.

I write erotic SF. Any problems?

Erotic SF is acceptable. It might be a sensitive issue for some people. Be polite to those who may have strong feelings on this and put a paragraph or so at the top of your manuscript advising them it contains erotic material.

What happens if I want to leave the group for a prolonged absence but fully intend to return to active status at a later date?

Just send email to the Membership Chair to inactivate your membership until you can return. You can always reactivate your membership later, when you have more time.

What if I want to quit?

Just send email to the Membership Chair that you quit. You can always rejoin us again later, when you have more time.

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