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novels and novelists March 1998:
Another month, another update... And this month, it's a series of links to online science fiction magazines -- all personally vetted by Yours Truly, of course. So get pointing and clicking...

Although this is a mostly a review website, it includes a number of other resources -- including the Internet Speculative Fiction Database, various magazines including Analog and Asimov's, and a fairly comprehensive series of links to sf on the WWW. Definitely worth a look.
If you haven't heard of Locus, you must have been, er, living on another planet. The multi-award winning news magazine for the genre.
Online sf pro-zine. I seem to remember a Tomorrow SF print magazine as well -- edited by Algis Budrys? Probably the same one.
An archive of Vincent Omniaveritas's infamous sf zine, Cheap Truth, from the early Eighties. Not everyone's cup of tea, but certainly a piece of sf history.