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Craft of Writing

Links to help you develop your skills as a writer

Publishing Novels

Links to help you get your novel published

Publishing Short Stories

See Victory Page - Writing Markets for a list of Web sites which link to publications for your short stories.

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Craft of Writing

  1. Critters

    Critters is an on-line workshop/critique group for serious short story Science Fiction / Fantasy / Horror writers moderated by Andrew Burt.

    Victory's note: A very good workshop for short story writers of SF/F/H. If you write novels, you might want to check out SFNovelist. See below.

  2. Nothing Binding

    A meeting place for authors. Also a great place to find a book that you won't see on most of the bookshelves. Run by a retired member of the publishing community who got tired of seeing good manuscripts rejected because they didn't fit the profiles and formulas of the big publishing houses.

  3. Ralan

    One of the best sf-related pages: informative, up-to-date.

  4. SFNovelist.com writing workshop

    Are you interested in writing hard science SF novels? This online writing workshop is dedicated to novelists who write 'hard science' SF, where the science is believable or at least does not violate currently known science, with a wink toward FTL and time travel.

    Victory Note: This is a writing workshop I started in April 1997.

  5. Shaw Guides

    An excellent source to 1400+ writers conferences and workshops around the world.

  6. Victory Page for Fiction Writers - Writing

    Articles on writing resources and how to help you write better.

  7. ATOZWriting

    Links to hundreds of writing-oriented sites.

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Publishing Novels

  1. Association of Authors Representatives

    The Association of Authors' Representatives, Inc. (AAR) is a not-for-profit organization of independent literary and dramatic agents, and is unaffiliated with any commercial enterprise. This organization has stringent membership requirements which exclude the dubious practices which are a sad fact of the publishing industry.

  2. EDGE Science Fiction and Fantasy Publishing

    EDGE Science Fiction and Fantasy Publishing, of Calgary, Alberta, Canada, is currently looking for submissions. In short, what we want is high-quality science fiction and fantasy novels of between 75,000 and 100,000 words.

    EDGE deals with new and established authors. We don't accept in-progress works or simultaneous submissions, and we really prefer novels that have already been severely edited, revised, and polished, but if a story has potential, we will work with the author.

    Authors do NOT need to be represented by agents to submit to us.

    We have specific submission guidelines; they can be found at Author Guidelines. The guidelines (and the FAQ) will also give you a better idea of the kind of material we'd like to see. Questions regarding submissions should be directed to Cheyenne Grewe at editor@edgewebsite.com.

  3. Market List

    Lists over eighty markets, articles, etc. for science fiction, fantasy, and horror short story writers. It's compiled bimonthly and interrim market updates are posted daily to the page. By Christopher Holliday.

    Comments from Debi Ohi in Inklings: "Current listing of Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror short fiction markets, compiled bimonthly in windows helpfile format. Over eighty markets are included, categorized by professional, semi-pro, 'zine, anthology, and contest. Also, short articles and Q & A with writers and editors, and tips and hints on submitting your work. Searchable keywords include genre, story length, simultaneous submissions, new listing, and average response time. Both Windows and Mac downloadable text files available. I downloaded the Mac version and was extremely impressed by the volume of information. Looks like the info is frequently updated, too. This is definitely a 'must-see' for anyone interested in sf/f/h markets. The site also has a list of 'market listing' websites for writers of all genres."

  4. Ralan

    One of the best sf-related pages: informative, up-to-date, and has market lists. For short stories, the web site has excellent links to markets.

  5. Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America, Inc

    The SFFA maintains a very useful resource for writers, which describes what writers should beware of and offers case studies and warnings regarding untrustworthy agents.

    SFWA is the leading organization for SF/F writers. Provides membership info and some valuable tips on writing. It also has three good sample contracts for writers. See also SFWA workshops

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