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Some Things About Sci-Fi That Became A Reality

It is definitely impossible to fathom what we happen in a couple hundred years, but science fiction is definitely something that comes close here and there. They have been a couple of movies, a couple of decades ago that predicted the invention of the hoverboard. They also predicted the invention of the smartwatch and smartphones. In the same way, sci-fi movies nowadays have actually predicted so many things that could possibly come true in the future.

Will there be space travel that can match up to the speed of light?

Will that be warm hole generators that can open warm holes into other sections of the galaxy or even other sections of the universe?

Well, all we have to do is wait and see if these things are invented. Technology has been advancing at an amazing pace, especially in the last couple of decades. In this guide, I’m going to be talking about some things about science fiction that actually became a reality.

  1. 3-D printers were actually predicted, back in the 20th century. Star Trek movies and TV shows had actually predicted the invention of 3D printers. But, these printers predicted that they would end up printing jewellery, food, body parts and more. We haven’t quite reached there yet, but our 3D printers can actually print a lot of things that we can use on a daily basis. It even makes stencils as uses them.
  2. A lot of science fiction movies had predicted the invention of VR technology. VR technology has actually taken the gaming world by storm, and it has making huge headlines.
  3. Underwater exploration was actually predicted in so many movies, back in the 20th century. A lot of writers had also predicted this exploration technology in the 19th century as well. As you know, there have been a lot of exploration submarines that have explored the depths of the ocean. The deepest known trench to mankind is the Mariana trench, and there have been several explorations that uncovered a lot of secrets in this trench.
  4. Personal devices were actually predicted in a lot of TV shows and movies in the 20th century, and, they became a gigantic reality in the 21st century. Ever since the first decade of the 24 century, personal gadgets have taken the world by storm. Everybody owns a smartphone and a smart computer nowadays and, it is something that is going to end up in the hands of billions of people. And lets not even begin talking about the technological advances for the elderly and handicapped like Bruno Stairlifts.
  5. Spacecrafts that are propelled with the help of light were also predicted back in the year 1865. They are now a reality, and they exist today in solar sales, which are actually a very popular form of spacecraft propulsion which is actually employed by NASA.

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