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About Us

Created in 1997, SF Novelist  is an elite group among writer’s workshops. We were the first Internet writing group devoted to this subgenre of science fiction. We all know that writing hard science SF is demanding. The standards in our genre are very high. Only a small percentage of all science fiction writers can do what we do and as a result, the demand for our products is high in the marketplace. Join us to polish your craft to the shine it needs in the marketplace like our friends at Garage Floor Epoxy Las Vegas make garages shine for happy homeowners.

How It Works

Science Fiction and Fantasy Literature

Explore the nature of science fiction and fantasy literature by coming on board to examine the kind of steps
that we put into the process to make it all head in the right direction.

Historical Context

Beginning the journey with a little bit of history clears things for the better and provides facts as and when it is needed the most. 


Represetative Authors

Analyze and look towards the bold path built by representative authors because they are aware of things and are also ready to acknowledge the immense talent that drives them forward. 

Movement Origin

Coming on board with details about the origin is more than just a requirement as it provides a realistic cover for the things you need the most. 


Represetative Works

Focus on bringing representational works because they are all in line to make sense and make the better out of literature and all that it can provide.  You can also get a custom cornhole board of your favorite author.

Innovative Ideas

How does the group work?

Beginning the process from simple ideas to heading the same with innovation, the group tends to work through different ways and methods. So come forward and understand all about the manner of approach that we bring to the table.

Anthologies of short stories

Analyze and look through a number of anthologies that are all focused on building short stories. By doing so, you are bound to get struck with ideas and a general theme of how to move about with the process.

Creativity building

Gives a simple writing prompt and the members try their hands at making a story out of it.Gives other writing exercises that challenge and develop our skills.

Free trial membership

You can start off with a FREE three-month trial membership.We have modest monetary dues that are used primarily to pay the expenses of our website and support occasional special projects like an anthology of our short stories.
"A unique manner of approach, the element of surprise, and other related aspects are a few ways to describe the work they bring forward. Thanks to all that, I have managed to get all the help I need."

Richard G Graham


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